Our Responsibility

The Group respects the following principles:

  1. Accountability: The Group is accountable for the effects its activity has on society, the economy and the environment. Therefore it accepts its review from organizations/bodies that operate according to the Law.
  2. Transparency: The Group must be transparent in its decisions and activities that have an impact on society and the environment.
  3. Ethical behavior: The Group conducts its activity based on the values of honesty, justice and integrity. Such values reflect interest for people, animals and the environment, as well as the commitment regarding handling effects from the Group’s activities and decisions on the interests of stakeholders.
  4. Respect for stakeholders’ interest: The Group respects the interests, while it examines and responds to requests of stakeholders.
  5. Respect for the rule of law: The Group respects in all cases the legal framework it is governed by.
  6. Respect for international norms of behavior: The Group respects international norms of behavior, to the extent that they do not object to the legal framework that governs the Parent company, the Memorandum of Association, the policies, regulations and in general the Group’s culture.
  7. Respect for human rights: The Group respects human rights and recognizes their importance and universality.

The aforementioned principles are included in Sarantis Group Code of Conduct: SARANTIS CODE OF CONDUCT PDF

Regarding the Corporate Governance, the Group, via its parent company GR. SARANTIS SA, applies rules and practices which are presented in synopsis in the Corporate Governance Code. The company has compiled the Corporate Governance Code taking into consideration the state law and the directives of the relevant institutions. In many cases, the provisions of the Code exceed the requirements of the legislator.

The Code of Corporate Governance of GR. SARANTIS S.A. can be found at the company’s website: SARANTIS CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CODE PDF

Finally, the parent company’s management, taking into consideration the provisions of L. 3016/2002, compiled the Internal Regulation of Operation, which is constantly updated with the latest legislation and the directives of the relevant authorities and is in line with the requirements of corporate practices. The purpose of the Internal Regulation of Operation is to describe the company’s organizational and management structure, to present the company’s main operations and specifically the structure and the duties of the Audit Committee, the Internal Audit Department, the Investor Relations Department and the Shareholders Department as well as to present the company’s main procedures. The procedures described in the Internal Regulation of Operation refer to the appointment and evaluation of the company’s heads of departments, the transmission of information and the confidentiality principle, the disclosure of transactions, the fundamental principles of the company’s Transactions Code and related parties.