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Sarantis Group strengthens its product portfolio through the distribution of Wella

Within the context of its strategic development and aiming to further reinforce its mass market brand portfolio, Sarantis Group, starting in October 2018, undertakes the exclusive representation and distribution of COTY’s brand WELLA.

Based on the agreement with COTY, Sarantis Group undertakes the distribution and representation of the WELLA portfolio, which includes the brands Koleston, Wellaflex and New Wave, in the Greek mass market.

Wella boasts a history of 150 successful years being the world’s No2 player in the hair dyeing and hair styling category. More specifically, in Greece, Wellaflex holds the No1 position in brand styling.

The cooperation with COTY reflects the leading position of Sarantis Group as a supplier of the consumer mass market and proves once again that its strong distribution network and effective commercial execution make the Group an ideal partner for international companies that wish to expand and develop their activities.

It is noted that no cost was assumed by Sarantis Group for this agreement.

Through this deal, Sarantis Group strengthens its product portfolio in the Greek market, supporting further at the same time its turnover and profitability in the mass market distribution channel.