Remuneration Committee

The Company has established a remuneration policy according to the legislation in effect and specifically the clauses of Law 4548/2018, the provisions of Directive 2007/36/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, as of 11th July 2007, concerning the exercise of certain rights by the shareholders of listed companies and of Directive 2017/828/EU of the European Parliament and the Council, as of 17th May 2017, for the amendment of Directive 2007/36/EC regarding the incentives of shareholders in terms of their active and long-term participation in corporate affairs.

The Board of Directors will establish a three-member Remuneration Committee consisting of non-executive and independent members. An independent and non-executive member of the BoD will be appointed as Chairman of the Committee.

The duties of the Remuneration Committee consist of the control, the review and the update on periodical basis of the procedures and conditions governing the remuneration fees, on both company and group level, so that these are always aligned with the corporate objectives and the regulatory framework in effect.

You can find attached the Group’s Remuneration Policy