Sectors of Activity

The Group’s business units are as follows:

  • Mass Market Cosmetics (personal care products)
  • Household Products (including professional products)
  • Health & Care Products
  • Luxury Cosmetics

The business units of Cosmetics and Household Products are the basic growth pillars of the Group, representing approximately 90 % of the total sales, while the majority of these categories consists of own brands that are produced in the Group’s main production facilities in Greece and Poland.

Indicatively, well-known brand names such as STR8, BU, C-THRU, NOXZEMA, CARROTEN, BIOTEN, ELMIPLANT, KOLASTYNA, ORZENE, ASTRID, INDULONA, SANITAS, FINO, JAN NIEZBEDNY, AVA, ΤΕΖΑ, PYROX, CAMEL, and AFROSO are produced by the company itself.

Additionally, the Group maintains a large portfolio of consumer products from leading international companies through exclusive representation agreements, such as JOHNSON & JOHNSON, ANTONIO BANDERAS, PEARL DROPS, VIDAL, DENIM and WASH & GO to name a few.

The Group represents leading brands in the market of vitamins, food supplements, testing kits and cosmetics for pharmacies, such as SOLENE, LANES, CLEARBLUE etc., through the business unit of Health & Care Products.

The Group also boasts internationally famous brand names in the market of luxury cosmetics and a wide range of specialized beauty and care products, such as LA PRAIRIE, PRADA, LOLITA LEMPICKA, NINA RICCI, CARTIER, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER etc. through its business unit of Luxury Cosmetics.