Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling the supervision duty it has assumed vis-à-vis shareholders.

The responsibility of supervision includes inter alia the supervision of financial reporting procedure, the confirmation of financial statements integrity, the supervision of the internal audit system, the internal audit department operation and the annual audit on financial statements by certified accountants, the compliance with the Group’s legal and regulatory operation frame work as well as with the code of ethics established by the Management, including the Group’s Code of Conduct.

In addition, the Committee supervises issues pertaining to the qualifications, the independence and the appointment of independent auditors.

The Audit Committee and the Deputy CEO (DCEO), as supervising bodies of the internal audit department, evaluate its performance and approve the department’s duties and budget.

The Audit Committee acts independently and maintains free and open communication with the ordinary auditors, the internal auditors and the Company’s Management.

Sarantis Group Audit Committee is a committee of the Board of Directors and consists of the three independent non-executive members of the BoD, while it complies with the provisions of Law 4449/2017 and Law 3016/2002.

The members of the Audit Committee have sufficient knowledge of the Company's activities and at least one Audit Committee member has sufficient knowledge in auditing and accounting. The Chairman of the Audit Committee is appointed by its members and is independent (based on the provisions of Law 3016/2012).

The current composition of Sarantis Group Audit Committee is as follows:

- Nikolaos P. Nomikos, independent and non executive member of the BoD, as Chairman.

- Dimitrios K. Efstathiou, independent and non executive member of the BoD, as member.

- Christos I. Economou , independent and non executive member of the BoD, as member.

The CVs of the BoD members can be found in the following page. Τα βιογραφικά των μελών του Διοικητικού Συμβουλίου αναγράφονται αναλυτικά εδώ.