Group Guidance

Guidance 2019

The Group’s solid business model of organic and acquisitive growth has presented a great momentum so far. At the same time, the Group is preparing operationally to exploit further opportunities that can arise by the Group’s growing presence and the new acquisitions. Particular focus will be given in the new territory where the Group penetrated through the acquisition of ERGOPACK, namely Ukraine and the CIS countries, a very promising region that is expected to present more investment opportunities.

The Group’s strategic priorities for 2019 and the near future are as always focus on new product development, further geographical expansion, increasing scale, improving costs, and identifying brand acquisitions that can provide additional value to the business. In addition, optimizing and modernizing the supply chain and production processes, are of strategic importance and therefore key drivers of the Group’s future expansion.

This is expected to bring accelerated top line growth and further improvement on profit margins, ultimately increasing further the Group’s footprint in the existing region as well as the new territory where the Group gained access.

The Management’s guidance with regards to the Group’s financial performance in 2019 is shown in the following table:

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The Group’s presentation to the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association has been posted in the Company’s website: