Group Guidance

Guidance 2018

Despite the adverse economic conditions throughout the last years, the Group has managed to build a great momentum, which will now serve as a sound basis for the future.
In each of its markets the Group is well positioned to further benefit from the strong new product pipeline and leverage its capabilities behind the commercial strategy, production efficiency and operational effectiveness, ultimately delivering further volume-growth, increased profitability margins and additional free cashflow.
The Group’s strategic priorities for 2018 are focused on new product development, geographical expansion, increasing scale, improving costs, identifying brand acquisitions that can provide additional value and re-investing behind high-return areas of the business.
The Management’s guidance with regards to the Group’s financial performance in 2018 is shown in the following table:

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“Net sales New” demonstrate the sales after subtracting trade expenses from "Net Sales Old".
Trade expenses relate to the Group’s agreements with its clients, which, starting from January 1st 2018 and according to IFRS 15, are no longer included within selling & distribution expenses, but are subtracted from the turnover.

The Group’s presentation to the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association has been posted in the Company’s website: